Travis Kelce, a native of Ohio, was seen back in his hometown of Cleveland after returning from a romantic getaway in the Bahamas with Taylor Swift. While there, he made a stop at Pizzeria Geraci’s Slice Shop where fans took notice of him and shared his visit on social media. Kelce, 34, appeared happy and relaxed in a photo taken at the eatery, blending in with the locals as he enjoyed some pizza.

Following his visit to the pizza shop, Kelce was also spotted around town, with one fan sharing a photo of her granddaughters meeting him at a local restaurant. It seems Kelce made his way across Cleveland during his visit, interacting with fans and enjoying his time back in his hometown. The NFL star seemed to be in good spirits and happy to connect with his supporters in Cleveland.

Kelce’s return to Cleveland came shortly after his trip to the Bahamas with Taylor Swift, where the couple enjoyed some downtime together. They had previously been in Los Angeles, attending events and spending time together before jetting off to a tropical location for some relaxation. Although their relationship has mostly been under the radar, fans have been eagerly anticipating a potential engagement announcement from the couple.

During a podcast appearance with his brother, Kelce made a cryptic comment about making babies, leading fans to speculate about a potential engagement and family plans in the future. While his brother quickly shut down any engagement rumors, fans couldn’t help but get excited at the possibility of Kelce proposing to the Grammy-winning singer. Sources close to the couple have suggested that an engagement could be on the horizon, possibly happening over the summer.

Kelce’s recent public appearances and social media posts have only fueled the speculation surrounding his relationship with Swift. While the couple continues to keep their romance relatively private, fans are eagerly waiting for any hints or clues about their future plans together. As they enjoy time together away from the spotlight, Kelce and Swift seem to be in a happy and committed relationship, with many hoping for a long-lasting future together.

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