The WNBA 2024 Draft is approaching, with many eyes on the potential impact that the frontcourt players in the upcoming class could have on the league. Historically, frontcourt players have been significant in the modern WNBA, with bigs winning the MVP award every year since 2014. Last year, there was a close race for the MVP title between Breanna Stewart, A’ja Wilson, and Alyssa Thomas, with Stewart ultimately taking home the award despite not having the most first-place votes. This highlights the importance of frontcourt players in the league.

Eight general managers shared their thoughts on the upcoming draft class before the NCAA Tournament, focusing on forwards such as Cameron Brink, Rickea Jackson, and Angel Reese. These GMs were granted anonymity to speak openly about their assessments. Brink, a 6-4 forward from Stanford, was described as a high-ceiling player with a lot of skills and toughness. She is expected to be a strong pro in the WNBA. Elizabeth Kitley, a 6-5 forward from Virginia Tech, was noted for her size and footwork, with some questions about her ability to handle the physicality of the league.

Rickea Jackson, a 6-2 forward from Tennessee, was praised for her pro-ready build and scoring abilities. Her versatility on the court makes her a valuable player in the draft. Angel Reese, a 6-3 forward from LSU, was described as a competitor with long arms and a strong rebounding ability. The GMs highlighted her need to expand her offensive game to succeed in the WNBA. Alissa Pili, a 6-foot center from Utah, was noted for her unique skill set and offensive capabilities, but questions were raised about her defensive abilities and physical preparedness for the league.

Nyadiew Puoch, a 6-3 forward from the Southside Flyers in the WNBL, was seen as a talent with potential but needing more experience and strength to have a significant impact in the WNBA. The GMs compared her athleticism to players like Natasha Howard and Ezi Magbegor. The upcoming draft is expected to feature strong frontcourt players who could make an immediate impact in the league. As scouts and GMs evaluate the prospects, they consider factors such as skill level, physical readiness, and potential for growth in the WNBA. The draft is a pivotal moment for the future of the league, with the potential for new stars to emerge and make their mark on the WNBA.

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