Dansby Swanson expressed his expectation for the Cubs this season as simply to win, echoing the sentiments of Cubs fans who also want nothing more than a successful season. The team’s president, Jed Hoyer, has made moves to bolster the team’s chances in the NL Central, but perhaps not for a World Series title. The Cubs, unlike some other teams, cannot afford to underperform their projections and still make the playoffs, highlighting the need for maximum effort from the players.

Swanson, the team’s big-money acquisition, is confident in the Cubs’ ability to compete at a high level in the NL this season. He emphasized the talent and potential for growth within the organization, expressing hope that the return of Cody Bellinger would not overshadow the contributions of younger players. The Cubs were competitive last season but fell short due to pitching and hitting deficiencies, leading Hoyer to focus on internal improvements and flexibility for potential deadline deals.

The Cubs will rely on a largely homegrown rotation to start the season, hoping for a resurgence in pitching performance akin to their successful 2016 season. Hoyer emphasized the need for depth in pitching to navigate the modern landscape of the game. Swanson’s individual performance will also be key to the team’s success, as he aims to bounce back from a late-season slump in 2023. Questions remain at corner infield spots, but the emergence of right fielder Seiya Suzuki in spring training provides some optimism for the team.

Despite playing under a significant contract, Swanson does not feel pressure to perform based on external expectations, focusing instead on the internal standards and goals of the team. Cubs fans, known for their high expectations, anticipate a successful and entertaining season that extends beyond the regular season. The team’s aspirations for the season align with Swanson’s simple goal of winning, emphasizing teamwork and internal drive as key factors in achieving success.

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